The Pittsburgh Roofs Way of Thinking

I started Pittsburgh Roofs because I was fed up with the general contracting industry (and roofing specifically). There are strict regulations in most metropolitan areas regarding roofing construction and labor operations requiring certifications and permits that obfuscate the roofing industry. Most homeowners have no idea how much a roof replacement should cost and have very little reliable information to go off of. These unsuspecting people are easy targets for seasoned roofing salesman and that simply isn’t fair. There are online roofing calculators that can give you a ballpark idea of what a roof should cost, but there are too many parameters regarding roof installation and house-specific construction that these calculators are basically useless. Let’s face facts- there are only a handful of shingle manufactures in the world. Every roofing company uses the same shingles and materials as the next guy yet roofing estimates often vary up to 350% between contractors.

In my opinion, this is unacceptable. That is why at Pittsburgh Roofs, we are 100% up front on the types of shingles that we use. We bid out our contracts to a cohort or trusted installers and guarantee perfection in the installation. Rather that utilizing the conventional marketing tactics that our larger competitors utilize, we don’t advertise our business – and we’re proud of it. That TV ad that you saw the other day for our competitor cost him in the range of $500-$1500 just to show it to you. This is a cost that you have to absorb as the customer. At Pittsburgh roofs, we provide the best quality service and make all of our business practices 100% transparent on the internet. Rather than paying a market research firm, ad agency, production team and marketing personnel, we simply reach our customers through google and other online vectors. The money that we save by doing this goes directly into our customer’s pockets. That’s the Pittsburgh Roofs way.


-Adam G. Roth

Founder, Pittsburgh Roofs