People in Pittsburgh Are Overpaying For Roofs

Homeowners are in quite a bind because they obviously want to do what is best for their home but don’t always know how to do so. The bad part is when homeowners are ready to make a decision about transforming or upgrading their house, they are mad with industry professional salesman who say all the right things, smile and seem convincing and then put a price on the table 10 times higher then necessary. Intern industry where the average cost of a roof is anywhere between 10 to 15% of the cost of a home that is put on,  there will always be people.  actually, that’s one of the main reasons that I decided to create this blog. I don’t think that Pittsburgh homeowners are merely educated to the extent that they should be about what goes into a roofing system and other house upgrades. Additionally, I don’t think the most Pittsburgh residence are aware that many roofers in the industry used high pressure sales tactics in order to scare you into purchasing a roof as well as overpaying.

So what are the justifications for an expensive roof? Well the first would be the size of the home. Obviously if your house is large, your roof is highly likely to follow in a relative proportion. The price of a roof in ratio to the size of house gets screwed when speaking about Ranch houses. Most of the time when I enter a house with the Rams roof, I let the homeowner know that the price is likely to be a little bit more than they expect just because their home value 2 roof size ratio is quite skewed sense there’s no second floor in a ranch house. As I have went over in other posts on this blog, roof pitch has a great deal to do with the size of your roof and so this also has a lot to do with the price. Roofing materials in many cases also dictates what you can expect to pay call roof to a high regard. The more permanent the roofing solution, at least in most cases, the more expensive the roof is going to be. The cheapest shingles are going to be your Home Depot asphalt shingles and prices vary greatly from the low end the whole way up to options such as Mediterranean tile, natural slate, Cedar Shake, and Terra Cotta. If you think that you’re in the market for the latter comma you can expect to pay $100,000 or more for a new roof. But I digress. Obviously since the price varies by such a great margin between the separate materials, it is going to be a strong predictor for the overall price of a roof. However, if you have multiple quotes 4 the same products applied to your roof, for example fiberglass shingles, there really isn’t that much of a price difference between the lowest quality fiberglass shingles and the highest quality fiberglass shingles. There is some what of a difference between older singles meaning those shingles that were produced in the sixties and seventies as compared to those shingles that are produced today comma but it isn’t even that drastic.

I suggest that even if you don’t plan to put a roof on manually by yourself or with a team of friends, that you go down to Home Depot, get prices for the type of shingles that you want a roofer to apply to your room, and figure out the materials cost. But, of course you’re going to ask how much does labor factor into the cost of a roof. Well, that depends on what kind of guy you plan to invite into your house to put a roof on. As an example, the markup on candy bars is approximately 100%. So if you buy Hershey’s for a dollar fifty, the actual price that the grocery store paid for that candy bar is approximately $0.75. Although you probably had no idea that this was the mark of, this is a commonly accepted profit margin 4 candy bars. As a second example, cars. You may not have known this but the profit margin for a car dealership when selling a 20 year old Honda Civic, and the profit margin for a car dealership when selling a brand new Ford Mustang is exactly the same.