How to patch a roof yourself in Pittsburgh

Have you found a leak in your roof and considered patching it yourself? To be honest a small patch can be a fairly simple thing to Handle by yourself. The true problem lies in the fact that you’re taking a chance that there’s a larger issue with your roof that you don’t quite see. For this reason we highly recommend that you have a professional roofer inspect your roof to help you identify problems that you might not see it first.

If you have actually correctly identified a leak in your roof as well as correctly identified where the leak has come from, in many instances it’s a matter of replacing a few shingles. However, in many instances leaks are much more complex issues than that. Many times if you have identified a leak from the inside of your roof, the water will not be showing itself at the same point of entry. This creates a very complex issue and in all honesty is even difficult for most roofers to figure out. Since we see this kind of stuff every day, we highly recommend that you have one of those out to check it out and advise you on the matter. In order to correctly identify where the leak is coming from, look for problem areas on your roof such as skylights, flashing, chimneys, Dormers and windows.

But let’s face facts. The very best indication that you need to replace your roof is a leak. Nobody wants to replace the roof. Or at least very few people want to replace their roof out of excitement. Patching your roof does little but delay confronting a larger issue. The average homeowner stays in their house around 6 years and in that time replaces on average one roof. Best the chances are you will be leaving your current house within the next couple of years depending on how long you plan on staying we highly recommend that you get a full roof replacement.

If you would like to know more please contact us. We will gladly come out and inspect your room and give you an idea how many years you can expect your roof to last and/or advise you on actions that should be taken with your current roof.